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1937 Ford Halogen Headlight Reflector Kit w Turn Signal

1937 Ford Halogen Headlight Reflector Kit w Turn Signal

This is for a brand new 1937 1938 1939 Ford car quartz halogen reflector kit.  These reflectors upgrade the lighting on your original Ford car while fitting perfectly into your original headlight buckets.  This kit also includes a modern turn signal feature, putting the turn signal just below the light bulb inside the bucket, just like the expensive after-market assemblies.  Each kit includes:  (2)  Die Stamped, Chrome Plated Reflectors with Special Sockets Installed (7" diameter) (2)  Quartz Halogen Bulbs (12 volt) (2)  Cork/Neoprene Gaskets (2)  Connector Plugs (2)  Amber Dual Filament Bulbs for Parking and Turn Signal Circuits This kit is the ideal way to modernize the lighting on your original street rod without replacing the entire bucket assembly.  These will fit right into your existing buckets and use the original lenses and trim rings.  This kit is designed specifically for use with the original style fluted lenses, it will not shine light properly when used with the after-market clear lenses.

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