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AMC 304-360-401 Distributor + CDI Ignition Box + Coil

AMC 304-360-401 Distributor + CDI Ignition Box + Coil


Brand New PC-8000 Series Pro Billet Distributor, coil, & Ignition box kit designed for AMC engines 304-360-401.      

 You will not be disappointed by the quality of this Distributor.

It features :

  • A billet of 6061 - T6 aluminium CNC is machined into a perfect housing for incredible strength, precision and looks.
  • Sealed ball bearings, sintered bushing, 1/2 inch hardened steel shaft
  • Extremely accurate magnetic pickup which never requires adjustment.
  • Designed with a small base and cap to suit all makes and models.
  • This is mainly used in high performance vehicles which have space limitations around the engine.


The Procomp 6AL Multi Spark CDI Ignition is the most powerful ignition of its type available. It is a multi-spark, capacitor discharge, electronic ignition designed for high performance street, drag racing, oval track, and marine applications. PC6AL uses the latest state of the art digital technology, this unit can be triggered by magnetic, hall effect, points and crank trigger pick ups. Includes a soft touch rev limiter, which does not require chips. "Produces multiple sparks between 0 and 3000 RPM". When combining this unit with the high performance coil included a spark gap current three times greater than most similar systems and almost eight times the spark of the standard ignition is produced. 

Coils are ideal for most street, strip, circle track, and drag racing applications. They will fit and work great with most V8 Chevy, Ford, Olds, Pontiac, and Mopar engines.

Internally the coil also has large gauge wire windings for maximum spark current and voltage with better heat dissipation at high rpm. High voltage arcing is minimised through screw on connectors and a high tension tower. Ideal for use with capacitive discharge (CD) ignition systems.

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