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Ford 289 302 Small Block Ready to Run Distributor

Ford 289 302 Small Block Ready to Run Distributor

This distributor is for your Small Block Ford 289 and 302 V8 engines.  This is the perfect upgrade over the out-dated points distributor and is also a nice replacement for big, bulky HEI distributors.

These 'Ready to Run' distributors require only an external coil and you're ready to go.  Use your stock coil or upgrade to a high performance aftermarket coil.  These distributors feature a maintenance free magnetic pickup to accurately trigger the ignition.  The increased output of the internal ignition easily outperforms stock ignitions and will smooth out engine idle, improve starting, and provide a much higher RPM range.  There is also a vacuum advance canister to help improve economy.

These are very high quality and reliable distributors.  Plus, the small cap allows them to be used in most applications, even those where space is limited.  Just hook up to your external coil and you're "Ready to Run!"

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